Kim and Kris kaput? I called this one

It may seem like only yesterday, and that’s because it practically was.
The napkins would have been inscribed “August 20th.” The TV broadcast was Oct. 10.
Those are the dates that mark the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries — the first being the day of the actual wedding, the other the day that it made it on the air.
Britain has its future king and queen get married on TV, while we have a woman best known for starring in a sex tape and a basic-cable reality show marrying a guy who averages 5.6 points per game over a seven-year NBA career. Oh, and he owns the Five Guys Burgers in Duluth or something.
And now, 72 days later, it’s over.
Kardashian filed for divorce Monday from Humphries, turning the seemingly endless magazine covers and TV coverage into an even bigger joke. The couple reportedly had most of the $10 million cost of their wedding covered and made nearly $18 million capitalizing on media attention of the nuptials, highlighted by E! television’s four-hour, two-part “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event.”
When the show aired, Kardashian tried to disrupt my regular Monday night viewing of “WWE Monday Night Raw” by telling people via Twitter to watch her big day unfold. I replied, saying I wouldn’t be watching but would be sure to tune in for the divorce.
Seriously. Thirteen people retweeted it.

I saw this coming, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one. (Screenshot from

I wasn’t making light of divorce, but pointing out how people can make a mockery of something politicians and priests and protesters all tell us is sacred.
Without weighing in on the politics of same-sex marriage, those who are so dead-set on defending marriage would do far better working to prevent such made-for-TV shams than worrying about which genders are hooking up together. Whatever you say about those unions, they usually last longer than 72 days.
The marriage of two men or two women or two anything couldn’t be any worse for society than whatever this multi-million-dollar fairytale farce was supposed to be.

Jimmy Bellamy is a Duluth News Tribune columnist and multimedia editor in Duluth, Minn. Contact him at (218) 723-5390 or This column originally appeared here.