What’s in a number? At 30, seeing things clearly

The day that for so long seemed a lifetime away has arrived. Today I turn 30.
The 1 at the front of my age was great, and the 2 was even better. So, forgive me if it takes a while to get acclimated to the 3.
I still have vivid and fond memories, as a 10-year-old, watching the Twins win the 1991 World Series in arguably the best seven-game series in baseball history.


Jimmy Bellamy is the Multimedia Editor of the Duluth News Tribune. (Clint Austin / caustin@duluthnews.com)

In my 2 decade, in April, I sat third row in St. Paul with my little brother as one of our boyhood dreams became reality when the University of Minnesota Duluth men’s hockey team celebrated its first national championship.
Certainly, every decade has its ups and downs, though.
With one kick, Morten Andersen and the Atlanta Falcons broke my heart when I was 17.
Real heartbreak came at age 20, when I stared in disbelief at the TV as airplanes struck the World Trade Center towers.
The myth — if ever there was one — that everything somehow gets worse after 30 has long been busted. My family, friends and colleagues are proof of that.
I’d just like to know what to expect.
“My 30s have been far better than my 20s. I used to fear getting older, but I have to be honest, I wouldn’t want to relive my 20s ever again,” my co-worker Devlyn told me this week, “other than the birth of my children, of course.”
That’s a relief to know. But how will I feel?
Will my body ache more or not heal as quickly? I play a lot of soccer, and don’t plan to give that up any time soon.
Will my metabolism slow even more than it did when I left college? Running more and cutting down on pop are two things I’ve had to do since my UMD days. And trying to kick Red Bull.
There’s no way I’m giving up video games. I still can play those, right?
“In your 30s, you’re further along in your career and done with all that soul searching, career-wise, relationship-wise,” said Mike Seyfer, who at 40 is vice president of H.T. Klatzky and Associates in Duluth.
I don’t know how he had me pegged, but he seemed to describe my idea of 30 when I was 12 versus my hitting it today. Back then, I thought I’d be coming off my third World Cup appearance with the U.S. national team. Instead, I’ve settled for four Duluth Amateur Soccer League finals.
“What you do in your 30s sets the tone for the rest of your life,” he continued, reminding me that my mind and body should be more in tune with each other, and that one hasn’t fallen apart yet while the other finally begins to see things clearly.
I think I’m going to like the 3.

Jimmy Bellamy is the multimedia editor at the Duluth News Tribune in Duluth, Minn. Contact him at (218) 723-5390 or jbellamy@duluthnews.com. This column originally appeared here.