Leave Gloria’s baby alone

Cavs versus CelticsLeBron James’ mom, Gloria James, took exception to a foul by Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce against her son during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinal series Monday between the Celtics and Cavaliers in Cleveland.

Gloria James had to be restrained by Celtics forward Kevin Garnett while Brad Pitt’s stunt double held the ball.

The Cavs won the game to tie the series 2-all.

I hope LeBron got her something really cool for Mother’s Day.

Photo by Mark Duncan / Associated Press

2 thoughts on “Leave Gloria’s baby alone

  1. After Stephon Marbury was traded to the Knicks, his mom came running down to the court to check on him after he twisted his ankle. I’ll never forget Stephon’s “get off the damn court, Ma!” face. I can’t imagine a more immasculating scenario.

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