Super cold first, Super Bowl second

Not even the hardest-to-the-core Packers fans could have predicted Green Bay’s ascent into the NFC championship game before the start of the NFL season.
The Packers (14-3) host the New York Giants — winners of nine consecutive road games — Sunday at Lambeau Field in Green Bay with the conference title at stake.
Weather reports show a high temperature of 4 degrees, and with the windchill expected to dip temps below zero, it’s sure to be a cold one for the 5:30 p.m. kickoff.
The Packers dismantled the Seattle Seahawks 42-20 in last week’s divisional game after quickly falling behind 14-0.
It’s amazing to think that Brett Favre was this close (take your thumb and index finger and put them as close as they can be without touching) to retirement at this time last year.
I’m not going to count my chickens, but it would be fun to watch Favre and the Packers take on unbeaten Tom Brady and New England in Super Bowl XLII on Feb. 3. But the Giants and San Diego — which faces New England on Sunday for the AFC championship — will be tough.